Hi Dark,
Hmmm...That's an interesting suggestion. If there is one thing I like better than programming it is studying and researching history. As long as I could remember I've always had an interest in archeology, history, and anthropology. That's why movies, books, and games like Indiana Jones, Rogue Angel, and Tomb Raider are so appealing for me. They give me a chance to look into the passed, even a fictional one, and combine history with action and adventure.

As a game developer with a passion for history and historical figures I could easily see myself writing a game based on some important historical person such as Joan of Ark. In terms of historic heroes Joan of Ark definitely stands out. From what we know about her combat skills and leadership ability she basically shows up one day in 1428 at the palace of Charles VI and tells him she has a message from God that France will fall if the English are not defeated at Orleans. Where upon Charles gives her command of the French army, and she proceeds to break the six month long siege at Orleans in nine days. Afterward she goes on to have several more stunning victories before she is captured and burned at the stake for the eronious crime of wearing mens clothing. A lot of people think she was exicuted for witchcraft, but that was a roomer started by the English to attempt to discredit Charles VI's claim to the thrown by associating him with a mystic or witch.

Anyway, getting back ontopic, I'm sure I can dig up some kind of historic figures for the game to use as lower bosses if I wish. Still since this is suppose to be an arcade game loosely based on Castlevania adding too much historical information, creating new bosses, etc would probably be overkill. All I really wanted to do was create a nice generic clone of Castlevania that captured the same great play and fun.


dark wrote:
True indeed Tom.

Actually, sinse many developers, ---- particularly for arcade games rarely do their homework as far as research goes, you might even improve upon things.

For instance, instead of just cobbling together a skeletal horseman boss and giving him a good name, ---- as was done with Raodane, why not have him be an actual resurrected skeleton of a historical character, brought back as a skeleton under the vampire's control?

imagine one of the three musqiteers as a skeleton, ---- or martial su of The napolionic wars?

That would be both a cool boss, and an interesting bit of plot, ---- and not one included in original castlevania.

Even if the boss was just a smack and avoid affair in the best arcade tradition, this could make things much more fun!

Beware the grue!


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