Hi Dark,
Oh, I wasn't talking about what the end users would think of a complex plot or story for a arcade game like Castlevania, but how much work goes into it from the developers end. As a game player the more complex and interesting the plot the better. However, as a developer I'm pretty weary of stressing my brain and doing in depth research for game plot and game development. What I'd like to do for a change is just write something for the fun of it without having to put much work into the project. Working on MOTA has pretty much drained me emotionally and physically and i need to recharge my batteries you could say. Working on a triditional Castlevania game is one way to create a game that doesn't really need a great deal of background research if I don't want too.

dark wrote:
Well Tom, simply because a plot is there doesn't mean people have to bother with it unless they wish to.

Take the mega man series for instance. There is extensive information on every single robot master, what order they wer ebuilt, what their personalities are like, what purpose they bwere originally made for etc.

For instance, Metal man, in Mega man 2 was created as an improved clone of Cut man in the original game, though was givern an incredibly haphazard and slapdash personality by wily sinse his intelligence circuites were cobbled together later.

This sort of information was revealed both in later games, and through books like the famous perfect Works source books, which reveal heavily detailed back stories on game series and are a staple of any long running or highly popular game in japan.

If you had historically significant and interesting bosses in a castlevania type arcade game, either have the character discover an item such as a scroll or book which sat in their inventory and was chosen to read or not at leasue, ---- or just write a highly comprehensive manual with extensive boss information. I'd prefer the first option, sinse finding the info in game would also mean the player could read up on each boss before fighting her/him in game, --- thus making things very immediate and avoiding spoilers, ---- but if this sounds like cluttering up the inventory too much, you could just include a bestiary file in the game detailing enemy and boss historical information, ---- which obviously only the most interested players would read.

This is again something which would be great in audio games, sinse however much information can be gathered about an enemy's nature and attacks from sound (and I admit this is a lot), there are details you can't gather.

For instance, if you had marsial sue as a skseltal boss, ---- other than by reading information, theere's no way the player could know he was wearing the remains of a french army uniform, ---- however good sounds the ratling of his bones, and jingling of his medels made.

Reading this information would be no advantage in game, ---- being as the game was an arcade game, and of course up to the choice of a player to read or not as they pleased.

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