Without a doubt Mysteries of the Ancients marks a new generation of accessible side-scrollers for the blind. Besides the entire aspect of vertical movement, which has been thus far lacking in accessible side-scrollers, I've been loosely modeling it after the ever popular Tomb Raider series of games. Recently I've been reading the walkthroughs for Tomb Raider The Nightmare Stone and Tomb Raider Prophecy, both side-scrollers for the Game Boy, for ideas how the developers ported that series from an FPS type game to a side-scroller. IN addition to new ideas of ways of approaching things I am getting a glimce into how modern side-scrollers depart from the classic games of the 80's and integrate things like save games, random elements, and puzzles into a modern side-scroler. As a result Mysteries of the Ancients will be a very modern game in a side-scroller format.

dark wrote:
I recall hereing of a set of games on computers like the C64 called spindizy which had those gyroscope style mechanics, ---- but I've not played them myself.

In truth Jacob, this is one reason I've been so excited about Tom's work, ---- right from the point he was designing the original Montizuma's revenge remake game, ---- which later for various complicated reasons became Mota.

No audio side scroller yet has had any significant vertical movement at all, ---- even compared to the original marrio brothers or Donkey Kong.

this is another reason there has been such a large discussion on this list with Tom, about his desire to create a more 80's style side scroller such as castlevania, ----- but stil with the vertical platforming.

Imho, more side scrollers with vertical elements, ---- of any and all levels of complexity would be an incredibly good thing indeed.

I'll admit, ---- while Q9's sounds, difficulty and well created engine impressed me greatly, I was rather disappointed that it is a symple left to right game, ---- but of course the possibility is always open for Philip to make other side scrollers in future.

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