hello Tom.

To an extent I understand this mentality, sinse as I said in my other message it's been one I've always been strict about in my grants.

my first laptop for uni, ---- as well as Hal etc was provided by my local education authority.

While I certainly would not spend any of their money to perchice games etc, ---- once they'd paid for the computer it was essentially mine. I had nobody to return it to, and indeed used it constantly for six years before it quite literally just shut down through wear.

The basic system, --- the laptop with windows 98, ms office and Hal was indeed provided in order that I be able to complete first my degree, then my masters. The laptop certainly was very necessary, ---- not just for the obvious writing tasks, but for reading academic material online, ---- and keeping in touch with university happenings via E-mail, ---- I was president of the philosophy society, and all organizational matters for that, including booking speakers for events happened through E-mail.

All this being said though, the laptop was mine! while it had been provided to put me on an equal footing with fuly sighted students, ---- it was stil mine!

if my gaming had in some way cost the local authority more money, ---- say for instance I'd tried to get them to pay for a joystick or a set of good quality sterrio headphones, ---- that would very much have been wrong, as that was not the purpose of the grant.

But so long as I kept gaming on my own resources, and my own time, ---- I really don't see the arguement.

The laptop had afterall already been bought and paid for, and after that point the local authority had nothing to do with it.

If I'd been a lazy bumb and spent all my degree time playing games, and thus failed my degree, ---- that would've been my own fault, and it would've made no difference if I did that on a laptop, a games console, --- or even at a casino.

The laptop was there to give me the oppertunity to work, ---- whatever else i did is my affair, ---- including whatever else I did with the laptop!

Beware the gRue!


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