Hi John.

I've checked the site, and as far as blog and review sites go it seemed okay with Hal, ----- usual shortcuts seemed to work, and ctrl down arrow got me to the site content.

Indexing links somewhere at the top for news catagories might be nice, ---- but there's no difficulty in going to the bottom and finding them from there.

As to the favourites thing Phil mentioned, ---- -well like Wikipedia pages the site does seem to have pre set link hotkeys for alt f etc, but there's a symple work around I've used on wikipedia for years, ---- alt T for tools, then left into favourites and add.

I did read an artical about hereing impared gamers and tabletop which I found interesting, however I do wonder if the focus of that site, ---- being more on motion imparement, deafness and colour blindness makes it a good place for discussion of games without vision, or with extremely limited vision.

On retroremakes.com I remember posting a topic about how dissatisfied I was with the Wiimote menue system, sinse it actually precludes me from accessing any of the console functions or learning where menue items are, ---- the way I would in a standard console game, and wishing there was an alternative to have a one press menue system of the classic type.

I was given some very hard answers, ---- and told that the Wiimote system was great for motion impared gamers.

This is one case where an accommodation for one disability actually precludes another, ---- in fact one of the articals I read was an interesting one about a deaf player playing tabletop wargames, talking about the visual appeal and nature of the game making it accessible.

Yet, such a game would be virtually impossible for a blind person, ---- given the non-stratified piece movement and necessity to review the table with many objects.

By the same tocan though, standard dice roleplay such as D&D, ---- where the Gm speaks what is happening and players' communicate their characters movement is incredibly accessible for someone with a visual imparement, --- -but would I guess be severely difficult for a deaf player due to the communication issues and the necessity to listen to the Gm.

Just my thoughts.

Beware the grue!


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