Please help me determine if the Web site is indeed now blind accessible.

I've been bugging Mark Barlet, the Webmaster, for a year about this. We met here in Boston last week and he said he'd added skipnav and related features.

But my skills at JAWS are pathetic. And his Web site is information-dense. I got in and realized that I can't do a fair evaluation on my own.

Mark is a sighted disabled Vet, who's had a demonstrable effect getting the mainstream game biggies to make their stuff more accessible to the motion impaired.

If we can help him make his Web site more blind and VI accessible, then perhaps we can get some of his effectiveness to benefit the blind and VI gaming community.

Please go to and post here how it works for you.

Dark, how well does Mark's Web site work for your reader?


John Bannick
7-128 Software

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