Attention all south African  members: arrie willem and jakob
But you guys in other parts of the world may also comment.
Have you seen those machines where one can win a teddy bear by  beating
a little game?
My mom has always told me about these machines, they are very tricky.
Basically you are using an arm to pick up one of the teddy bears inside
the machine. You have to press buttons similarly to those found on
joysticks, the arm is inside the machine.
Its very tricky, most of the times the teddy bear falls off the arm into
the bucket before one can retrieve it.
Basically one have to move the arm forward somewhat like in a
sidescroller, till the arm riches a teddybear, then one have to try and
pick up the bear with this arm and bring it to the side of the bucket
and lift it high enough  so that the machine releases it. 
The machine will try its best to drop the bear again.
So how would you guys feel about a game similar to  these teddy bear
machines ?Of course, I am not the potential developer, I just wish that
a game like these teddy bear machines can be made.
The teddy bear machines I have been to, while you play the game and also
while the machine idles until someone else plays, the music these
machines plays, is the lambada tune instrumentally.
Have you guys in other parts of the world also seen these teddy bear
machines?Some of them even contains watches. 
A teddy bear catch game would rock.
have a sunny day 

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