Hi Damien,
Smile. Yes, we all need to start somewhere. As it happens a while back I found some cds with some very old source code on it, code from my college days, and I was horrified when reading the source for some of those programs. It was obvious I didn't have a clue what I was doing, or I had an idea of what I was doing, but not quite sure how to write programs professionally yet. So we all have had our amateur days. I also understand what you are going through with C++. Although, I took C++ in college and have programmed in it off and on for 10 years or so I don't have an extremely strong grasp of the language myself. When .NET came out around 2003 most of the contract jobs I was looking into wanted VB .NET or C# .NET, so I learned those languages, and that is mainly what has been in high demand ever since. The end result was even though I knew the basics of C++ I never got to grow into the language and get a lot of hands on experience with it, because I'm working with VB and C# .NET professionally. Now, that I've decided to begin using C++ for games I'm finding myself looking up tutorials and refreshing my skills to get back into the swing of things. It isn't that hard for me since I basically know what I'm doing,but I also know my skills and experience aren't as good as they should be. I'm making mistakes and doing things a more skilled C++ developer wouldn't. So it could be some time even for me to get back into using C++ with any degree of skill and experience.

Damien C. Sadler wrote:
Hi Thomas,
Well, to be honest everyone starts somewhere. I dread to think if I went back 5 years what my code looked like. Even now I am not very experienced with games programming. Yes I can make the odd utility in VB, but even then I've been having reports left right and centre regarding bugs that I can't seem to replicate. However, learning C++, I am right back to novice state. I feel humiliated to say that so far, after almost a month of trying to learn, I still can't even write a clean hello world program. Probably because of its extensive nature. In VB, I had to write it as a message box simply because I wasn't practising coding by drawing a window and saving an executable. So as you can imagine, writing a 3 liner in a message box to writing an 85 line version creating a window is a large jump.

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