maybe a virus.
I have had the same issue with an old system my grandpa has.
all his stuff is on an unsecured system because we didn't have the equipment or 
software to do anything about it.
due to it dieing mainly because of all the spyware and viruses and the fact 
that one of the fans in the power unit has been on the blink for some months, i 
actually looked at recovery.
However because of the condition it was not possible.
So just reformat and lose your stuff.
All I can suggest, I almost lost everything with my wd 500gb elements exploding.
Thanks to a couple lucky breaks, a drive with a dieing power switch my dad's 
system and my cell, part of the net and a couple other things I mannaged to 
lose vary little.
did your virus checker or something give any warning?
if not then it may not be a virus.
no virus does this anyway.

at least I don't know one.
Ok so it aint a virus.
get someone to look in bios.
most new systems have smart detection which is internal monitoring of some 
hardware, cpus, fans main board hdd etc.
if something is failing or has failed then someone sighted should probably help 
you on this.
Ofcause not sure if you are blind or not, but if not using del or whatever key 
gets you in the bios settings will help and have a look at bits of stuff.
Remove the power wait for 20 mins open the system check the cards are all in 
their slots.
turn on the system and listen with the case open.
if a fan or something is not working you should at least be able to hear it and 
see  it if you can.
NOt sure but people say you can see spinning components so it must do.
If you have a external hard drive caddy you could try connecting the drive to 
your system, and transfering stuff off.
you probably can scan the hdd on that system to and fix any virus, etc.
however not windows.
Should be ok as long as you don't autorun the drive.
How in the basic terms of your problem I suggest some hardware is dead, check 
the power supply and replace the battery, have a real good listen to the system.
I say this because one day a friend of mine paniced and shut down his system 
during a disk scan with norton disk docter because he was not used to the noise 
and got scared.
this resulted in destruction of his boot record and required an reinstall of 
the os only, which was fortunate.
Also fortunate for him because he was running dos 5.0 and I had 6.22
however  that was long time ago you can't do that with windows based system.
I am not sure how to answer your issue.
If you are able to fix this issue or even not I strongly recomend you buy an 
external hard drive and then another to back it up.
I have 2 here.
 the 640gb which is my main data drive and workhorse and a 1tb mybook which 
stores backups.
every few months I manually sink the drive this can take half a day or so but 
it means that in most cases I do have a coppy of the drive if not exact, well 
If the drive does die I can change drives, till I can buy another, and then 
transfer stuff over to it.
At 02:07 p.m. 25/12/2009, you wrote:
>I'm sorry that this is off topic, and I hope no one takes offense, but
>I need help, badly
>Heres the problem. I left today, and shut down my system, things were
>working fine then, however, when I came back, something went horribly
>wrong, I turned on the system, and it booted up like normal. The
>windows logon screen came up, but it took forever to do anything.
>Here is the real puzzling part, the window went away, and the desktop
>never loaded, however, if I push the power button on my PC, the logoff
>screen shows up, and it shuts down like normal. I've tried rebooting,
>I've tried to reboot even in safe mode, nothing works, it just keeps
>doing the same thing. I've even tried unplugging it and plugging it
>back in, although that really probably served no perpose.
>As it stands, right now I'm still having this issue, and am at a loss
>as to what to do. Any help would be appriciated, as all my stuff is on
>that system, I am having to write this message from my laptop.
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