I think all we'd need are some sound indicators to warn us when to jump, duck etc. For example in mainstream fighting games like street fighter 4, there are actually sounds for this sort of thing. when a super or ultra move is performed on street fighter 4, it makes this distinctive sound that let you know it's coming. dodging isn't at all easy, and you need to react with super human speed to jump away from or block the move, but it really makes gameplay fun and puts the player in some interesting and quite desperate situations, especially online where people are totally unpredictable. I've even managed to do all the sfiv trials normal and hard with sound cues alone and using online faqs for the move lists, something most sighted people haven't been able to do. so the point I'm trying to make is it doesn't necessarily need to be easy to perform this move, just doable. it'll be up to the individual player if they wish to use these sound cues or simply play the game like they're used to. I honestly don't think it'll be that hard since our brain can respond in a split second to cues before we even have time to think about it. I've played the ESP game you've mentioned, and I honestly find it quite simple in comparison to mainstream games I've played.

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