Hi Thomas,

Thanks for letting me know that.  I just really like and am used to and 
familiar with VB6, so would very much like to continue using it even when I 
need to get a new Windows 7 computer.


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Hi Jim,
No, you don't need the SDK to include the Sapi dll file to a VB 6
orVB  .NET project. Like I said before it is a comm component and it is
available for these languages with or without the SDK. All the SDK does
is provides end user documentation, and the C++ headers and libs, plus
the extra Sapi 5 voices.  That's all. There is nothing special added for
Visual Basic 6. You might have to browse for the object reference, but
it is still there or can be added without the SDK.
As I mentioned before once the VB 6 runtime is installed your games
seames to work fine with Sapi 5.3 so you already know the basic code
anyway. There are some advanced features in 5.3 you aren't taking
advantage of, but for compatibility sake you know all you need to know
about Sapi for your games. The one thing I don't know if it is compatible is the VB 6 IDE itself.
According to the Microsoft web site you need Visual Basic 2005 service
pack 1 or higher for Windows 7. Since I already have Visual Basic 2008
I've never tried installing and using anything earlier. So that might or
might not be a problem for you.
As far as voices goes let me just say here are the voices I have and
that work with Windows 7.  First, I have all of the Scansoft voices that
shipped with Openbook 8 and Jaws 9 that are Sapi 5.x compatible and I've
had no problems with them. I also own Cepstral Callie 5 and she also
works with Windows 7 so I'd say all of the Cepstral 5 voices will work
equally as well. I also have AT&T Mike and Crystal I believe 4.x
something and haven't had the problems others mentioned.   The free and
open source Espeak TTS engine works fine on Windows 7 too. Finally, I
have the Acapela Heather and Lucy voices version 2.2, and they work ok
as well. So I don't think there is a lot of room to worry about high
quality voices for Windows 7 as long as they are Sapi 5.x compatible
they should all work fine.   If you really have serious concerns I'd
e-mail nextup.com tech support and ask them if they know of any Windows
7 compatibility issues to be aware of. They would know more than me on
this subject since selling these voices are their business.



I'm not nearly as think as you confused I am.

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