Hi Dark,
Yeah, I got a lot of really good info from this survey so far. I
wasn't aware that so many people actually liked direct Sapi support.
Although, I can understand the reasons people gave when they answered
the question which all comes down to user preferences and the ability
to change speech settings on the fly. It makes sense.
Only a small handful, about three or four people, answered they wanted
to use their screen reader instead. It is possible they are aware of
the bug with Jaws and DirectInput, and know that would have caused
conflicts and problems for those users. Plus not all screen readers
can be directly supported. With Jaws and Window-Eyes it is a simple
enough matter to wrap the JFW API or GW Speak library and send
information directly to the screen reader. I don't even know if a
developer can do that with Hal.  Then, screen readers ar TSR
applications that use up a lot of background resources. This isn't
quite the problem it use to be in times gone by, but still why keep it
active in memory if you can give those resources back to the system to
run the game faster, smoother, and better. So in the end Sapi really
probably is the better solution all around.
As for special game controllers I have to agree. Only a handful of
games like Topspeed actually have force feedback support, and there
are none that support Wii Motes and things like that yet. These kinds
of controllers would be awesome to use in accessible games, but since
they aren't well supported why buy them. So people don't have them
because they aren't supported. Some developers either don't know how
to support them or don't own them so don't want to support them.
Definitely a chicken and egg situation.


                On 2/25/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Most interesting Tom.
> I would've thought more people would've gone for screen reader support,
> sinse though I personally would go for sapi second only to pre-recorded
> human speech, that's generally because Hal support isn't as forthcoming in
> games, nice to know this is an option.
> Also, as I said myself, I think the joystick force feedback business is
> rather a chicken and egg scenario. If games supported it more people would
> be likely to buy them, but people (or at least me), don't because games
> don't.
> this survey does show that that circle may be closing however, which is a
> good thing.
> GENRE IN THE LIST you provided which doesn't appeal to me as much is
> sports, ----  there really I suppose I'm easy to please, ---- and even if
> it's not personally my thing I'll always give any new sports game a try just
> in case, ---- Railracer wouldn't have been my first choice game wise from a
> description, but I've deffinately enjoyed playing it.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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