well these days there are games for serious game players, and games for casual graphically obsessed people with no imagination, ---- generally the serious games enthusiasts hate the trend, and indeed that's a chief reason behind the retro gaming movement, ---- games these days are easier, more cinematic, more concentrated on gimics and less on gameplay than in the past, --- -such is the thinking anyway.

Interestingly enough, i remember reading a topic on the Angband roguelike forums from someone who was sick of what they called cliched, unsystematics console rpgs, and much preferd roguelikes for that reason, ---- and from a sighted point of view, you don't really get more minimalist in terms of graffics than aski.

There are of course stil games, ---- such as the Metroid prime, Final fantasy, Grandia or Mega man series (not counting battle network), which are very much aimed at the old school, serious game playing fraternity, ---- but now it's become a minority interest, rather than being the norm as it was in the past.

Indeed I've heard that's why Final fantasy 7 is regarded as one of the best games of all times, it was cinematic enough to catch the eye of the generic kids, but interesting and deep enough in gameplay and plot to keep the die hard gamers happy.

Btw, my brother, and various friends of mine are very much die hard gamers, hence my knolidge of the subject.

Beware the Grue!

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Yes but that's the point, a lot of games these days are designed for kids
with little to no imaginations. That's why they concentrate on graphics only
and not the real content itself.

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