Hi Tom.

to a large part I'd agree. The special school I went to for two years was so contrived it was unbelieveable. Bells for everything, rules of doing things on the hour every hour, ---- about the only good thing you could say was the educational standard was higher than normal.

then however as a teenager, I attended a school which had a few blind students, but mostly sited, with a resource center. That setup might've worked, if it weren't for the fact that it was in the worst school in the county, a school where knives were literally pulled on teachers.

The best experience I had was actually my final school, where indeed I was the only blind student, and they did everything in their power not to have me, up to and including stating I couldn't take one class because there were 19 students and there wouldn't be a spare chair, but in the end were forced to, and six months later I got a distinct and formal appology from them.

I'd class myself as pretty independent as well, pluss I'd class myself as someone who has a variety of interests and attributes, lack of site being one of them. I must confess if I have a prejudice, it's actually against blind people, ---- or more specifically, against the cleak orientated, stay at home blind people who spend all their time only talking to and interacting with other blind people and believe making coffee without a liquid level indicator is worthy of a gold medel, I did in fact have a blind person once tell me this in great tones of respect and ore about one of their blind friends. The fact that I do it everytime I make coffee in a cafetier because the indicator simply won't fit over the jug, or indeed lived without one for three weeks on one holiday where I forgot to bring one didn't seem to count with said person.

Beware the Grue!


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