Hi Thomas,

Yes but you see that's where I think social integration falls down and it
fails so many people. It fails us because of the reason you've just
outlined, it also fails the person in question because they aren't gaining
anything by being in a mainstream environment. 

I think that mainstream is good when it works but for the retarded lot it
doesn't work far from it. I came from the specialist education system in
England which is fading out now. But the amount of people with mental
disabilities we had at these blind schools really did create a problem
because whether you like to admit it or not, if you are exposed to them 24
hours a day 7 days a week, you start to be affected by them. The rules and
regs of the school become set up in favour of the people with mental
disabilities and inhibit the natural ability for social and emotional
development in the rest of the population. Yes social integration fails big
time if you ask me.

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Hi Darren,
Exactly. I don't know how many times I've been with a bunch of other blind
class mates and one of them would draw public attention to all of us by
rocking, poking his/her eyes, picking their nose, or some other socially
unacceptable way of drawing attention. I really really hate that kind of
behavior from my own fellow blind peers as they draw precisely the kind of
negative attention I try to avoid. I like to fit into the croud and not
stand out like a sore thumb as much as is possible. However, I remember
there was this one student, where I went to school, who had a mental
disability as well as being blind. I believe he was mildly retarded.
Whatever the case is he constantly was the one the mainstream students based
their opinions of blind people on. He'd walk down the school hallway going,
"yah, yah, yah, yah," in a monotone that was sure to bring attention to him.
He pickd his nose, picked wax out of his ears, rocked, poked his eyes, and
generally was the walking/talking worst example of a blind person you can
get. Even though this kid was mildly retarted, as i said before, other
sighted students and even some of the teachers acted as though I was
mentally disabled as well. I know it wasn't totally this kids fault having
had a mental disability, I don't think his parents tried to correct his bad
social behavior, but I resented the negative attention all the same. It is
that kind of negative example I think of that can really hurt our cause to
be seen as just another average Joe or Jane who can't read print or see
colors, but is otherwise normal.

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