Good grief! I spend four hours this morning reading (or at least having my research assistant read), a ream of stuff on the social theory of disability and intigration, for my phd, ---- which is intended to defign disability, then I get it on this list as well!

Aaaaaaaagh! ;D.

My own thought is that any discussion of these issues needs to recognize flexibility.

Yes, there are blind people i've met from the specialist education system who've now ended up in a total mess. Equally however, there are occasions (I experienced one myself as a teenager), where intigration doesn't work simply because of the nature of the environment in question.

Yet neither environment can be said to "create" the disaibility in the first place (as many theorists argue), the blindness is there and needs dealing with.

What I'm trying to do in my phd is derive a theory of disability based on questions of quality of life, not related either to specific social or environmental factors, or tied to specific conditions which can then be named and pointed to.

Sinse it is based upon quality of life, any answer to "intigration vs specialization" has to be looked at on a case by case basis.

Yes, for a blind person of normal interlect, a sympathetic intigrated environment might work, however for someone of less than usual interlect, ---- or indeed someone who requires huge amounts of independence training, maybe some degree of specialization would help.

On the "appearing normal" front, Again, there seem to be two things. Yes, the majority of people are bloody stupid about blindness. however wandering around bellowing at others for help or expecting assistance to always be there doesn't work either (an atitude I've encountered far too often among blind people and indeed people who work with blind people). Such things are an interaction and should be thought of as such.

I carry a kane, not to warn people I'm blind, but simply to make certain I don't fall down steps. On the other hand, I turn and look at people when i'm talking to them to make their communication and interaction with me easier, so that I can live with people on a more reasonable basis.

Btw, my special school was as vile as my main stream one, my teacher was! professor umbridge! so I'd say I've seen both sides of the education coin fail miserably.

Beware the grue!


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