Hi Darren,
Keep in mind that when we wrote the guidelines for this list all three
of us Raul, Kevin, and I sat down and drafted the rules and approved
them. To my knowledge nobody objected to the word crap so it was never
added to the ban list. So if a moderator uses it he/she is well with
in the guidelines to do so.
If you think we are setting a double standard perhaps you should try
running the list from now on. I hope you can run it as well as you can
sit there and run your mouth, and dictate to us how to run the list.
If you think the rules are so unfair I'd like a copy of your revisions
and changes to the list guidelines by morning. I'll be sure Kevin and
Raul get a copy so we can decide to adopt them or not. Frankly I am
getting pretty sick and tired of people thinking they have the right
to run right over the moderators on this list, and have the right to
say and do whatever they feel like.

On 3/14/10, Darren Harris <darren_g_har...@btinternet.com> wrote:
> Hi dark,
> If there was a total blanket ban on swaring on this list then I really
> wouldn't care at all.
> But nobody in their right mind can sit there and say that crap is worse than
> hell. That's just stupid. Sorry but it is. I've seen people including the
> moderators use that word within the last couple of weeks all you have to do
> is to go back through the archives to see it for yourself. So yes I'm sorry
> I do think that this is setting a major double standard which I really
> cannot agree with and there's no basis in logic for any real disagreement
> with my comment.

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