I must confess while I am totally behind most profanity filters for the 
purposes of keeping things accessible to as many people as possible, a line 
has to be drawn somewhere.

In my old boarding school they thought the word "belly" was swearing, ----  
they even thought "heck!" was. I stil however see no need to pander to this 
sort of thing when the majority of people on the street wouold find it 

I must say that on the audiogames.net forum, while language filters have 
been set for many words (including the F word), there was a moderator 
discussion about the word in question a couple of years ago, and it was 
decided to remove it from the swearing filter, so it now writes as it 

there have been no complaints whatsoever, and  sinse it's a  word I myself 
use (I've possibly used it on this list), people have been much more 
comfortable allowing it. ---- pluss of course, it is also a word which may 
come up in conversationn on other topics rather than as an expletive, ----  
in fact the  discussion  about removing it from the  swearing filters was 
prompted by discussion of the game desert strike, and  it's use of h/llfire 
missiles as a weapon.

thus, while I would certainly agree on keeping profanity down, I do think 
there is a reasonable line. Obviously, sinse yo moderate this list and  not 
me, such a decision is yours to make and I'll be glad to abide by it, ----  
however, i have to confess I don't agree that the H word should in deed be 
banned simply because some people find it offensive, ---- would you 
considder banning the word "belly?" as well?

Beware the grue!


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