Hi Dark,
Unfortunately, I've got to go soon so I don't have much time to go
over this with you in detail right now, but  I did see some
syntactical errors in your code.For example, you consistantly used a
semi-colon after your If and Else statements. That's not legal code.
Here is an example of what I mean.

// Bad code
(alert("window", my_health + hp));

// Good code
(alert ("window", my_health + hp);

You had an extra semi-colon and an extra right perenthesis in there
that didn't need to be there. I can see you are really struggling with
the basic language syntax. Try and hang in there and see if you can
get some good scripts to look at. it might help you figure this stuff


On 3/25/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> That makes sense, the problem is I'm not getting anything else to work
> either.
> currently, I'm trying to display a set of list boxes which count hp down as
> the D key is pressed, then the character dies at zero and the game exits.
> something seems to be going wrong with both my conditional statements and my
> global variable though, and I'm uncertain as to what.
> If anyone who knows such things could advise me I'd appreciate it, sinse I
> really can't understand what's wrong here.
> int hp = 100;
> string my_health = "hello, my hp is currently";
> int down = hp - 10;
> void main ( )
> {
> keypressed = (key d, down);
> }
> If
> (hp = 0);
> {
> alert = ("death", "Oh dear, I'm dead!") exit);
> }
> Else;
> {
> (alert("window", my_health + hp));
> }
> However, I stil can't get the blasted thing to do more than display a
> message. I'm trying to get it to count hp down from 100 to 0 at a rate of
> ten a turn displaying ten message boxes then a death message and exit, but
> even though I appear to have followed all the rules I stil get a bunch of
> errors.

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