Hi Thomas,

That may sound easy to code to you, but not to me.  Of course AI is not my 
strong suit.  My football game currently looks at what play the offence calls 
and what play the defense calls and then sets a possible and probable play and 
yardage from that.  That's it.

Personally I do not get into the really really involved games that may take me 
years and years to code.  I am more into an idea popping into my head and 
creating the game and getting it done.  I would just get so so bored and burnt 
out if a game takes years and years to code.  Some of my games have taken a 
year to code and I put it out.  I then worked on other games and maybe came 
back to that game for to add a feature or so, but more than that and I just get 
real tired of it and probably would never finish the project.


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Hi Phil and Jim,
My wife has a basketball game and the way it is done is you control
one player and the rest are handled via AI driven players. So the way
that game is done you are not really concerned with all of the players
but your own. It would be fairly easy to create a basketball, socker,
etc type of game using that design.


I'm not a complete idiot -- Some parts are just missing.

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