Well, it installed and ran pretty well for me. I was able to walk around and 
get killed a time or two.

My first observation was that it looks like the speech files need to be trimmed 
again. If needed I could do it again. It would be cool if I could get a     
mention as a contributor if I do.

Second observation was that in some cases, it seems to not respond to your 
pressing keys until after you release them. Is that on purpose? It's doable 
this way, but it might feel more responsive if it would respond as soon as the 
button was pressed. For instance if I press the number 1 for pistol, it doesn't 
actually switch to the pistol until after I release the 1 key. Usually I 
observe this technique in situations where the key could possibly be used as a 
modifyer for another key command, but none of these keys are used as such in 

Aha, I think I got it now, you did that so you could get around the problem 
with folks accidentally jumping all over the place in menus and such by holding 
down the key slightly too long. I didn't realize that was what you guys were 
talking about when you were discussing the key delay. If I were coding that, 
and I had the programming knowledge needed, I think I would just check for a 
key press as aposed to waiting for key up. I wonder if one could just use the 
windows support for key input when in the menus, as it handles the delays for 
that nicely enough on it's own. Of course, that wouldn't work in actual game 
play though, since you'd get silly behavior if you tried to hold down keys to 
do things.

I'm running Windows 7 home premium 64 bit on a core i5 processor, and I got the 
error that folks are mentioning appears when closing the game. I pressed x 
while sitting in the menu to close it. I didn't arrow to it and press enter or 
press alt+f4.

I use JAWS 11.0, and it goes to sleep but isn't actually shut down while I run 
MOTA. I wonder if that has something to do with it. Since I believe you use 
window-eyes... Although, it's far fetched for me to figure your beta testers 
were all using something besides JAWS, and that none of them utilized the sleep 
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