As for the speech files let's hold off on that a while. I'm working on
getting a human to do the menus and such and trimming these files
might be unnecessary.  I mean if you want to do the editing ok, but
right now beta 11 is sort of a temperary release for a lot of things
that are up in the air at this time. I've got multiple things I'm
working on behind the scenes and this is basically the most stable
release I could put out in a timely manner. Were I to hold off until
some of these other things were completed we are looking at another
month or so.
As for keyboard I don't know what is up with that. Frankly I'm getting
a bit sick and tired of hearing about it. I know it doesn't work
right, and I have plans to try and fix it as soon as possible.  Keep
in mind while I used DirectInput in my previous versions it was
Managed DirectX which is totally different in ways from DirectInput 8.
I've never actually worked with the C++ libraries directly before so
I'm learning, experimenting, and testing things to try and get this
working. So be prepared for a few mistakes, errors, and problems until
I get it all figured out on the C++ side of things.
I know several have mentioned, for example, they can no longer
interrupt the speech. I know because I did that on purpose. Every time
I tried interrupting the speech by putting it on its own thread the
game would constantly crash. Removing that speech thread made the
game/engine more stable.  I felt stability was better than convenience
in that case.
So like I said although officially it is beta11 consider it beta 1 in
actuality. It is the first time this new engine has been field tested
and it was released with some bugs and problems which I hadn't been
able to resolve before release. Beta 12 will obviously be better as
well as later releases. Just keep filing those bug reports and sooner
or later we'll get there.


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