I must confess, for all workings with hal I'm a big fan of Orphius' human voices. Fast response time pluss a convincing British English accent. For Sapi stuff I do like realspeak daniel, but it's response time is far too slow for me to use it with Hal.

This hasn't always been the case of course. Back in the earlier versions of orphius only the synthetic voices were available and hal sounded a lot like a dalek, which was one reason I tried out win vision and deck talk.

Then, Orphius shipped with the more human voices Alan and Carol and I got to be a fan.

The only slight irritation is that for some odd reason Dolphins' stopped shipping Hal with the more human orphius voices and now only ships it with the synthetic ones. When I asked they said most people used the synthetic ones, ---- which I found rather odd. Luckily orphius' more human voices are offered as free downloads by Dolphin anyway.

I have heard a rumour that the company who make orphius split from dolphin and are now bust, ---- in fact I've been trying to find the latest version of orphius online and not having any luck at all.

At least though Dolphin will continue to ship Hal with the currently latest version.

Beware the grue!

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Hi Hayden,
I guess it would largely depend on what you started with, and learned
to like first. I myself began using Dos screen readers in the early
90's and at the time the Dectalk PC and Dectalk Express hardware
synths were the best around. They were the most human sounding you
could get on the market, and I fell in love with the Dectalk line of
products at that point. When Jaws 3.2 or 3.3 began shipping with
Eloquence I totally dispised the synth from day one. Oh, I can use it,
but I hate the voice with a passion.
However, I've noticed those users who started with Jaws for Windows
and Eloquence from the start say Eloquence is great and hate Dectalk.
Their opinion is as much a mystery to me as I'm sure my opinion is to
them.  However, I think it boils down to the fact I started with
Dectalk and liked it, and Eloquence never lived upto my expectations.
Those who started with Eloquence have their own gripes and complaints
about Dectalk. All I can say is different strokes for different folks.

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