Hi Dark,
Ahemmm...One problem with your plan beginner and easy are the same
thing. There is no "easy" difficulty level. Only beginner,
intermediate, advanced, and expert. However, I do take your meaning.
However, as far as a training mode goes that need not necessarily
freeze monsters in place like Shades of Doom. Merely add extra verbal
feedback of what is going on so a new gamer can get the hang of
jumping traps, evading monsters, etc. Kind of like the training levels
in say Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness.
In Angel of Darkness Lara can get killed by the guard on the balcony,
get malled by a dog, etc but she also gives helpful comments and
suggestions to the player that this or that would be a good idea or
not be a good idea.  For example, if you get to near to the dog in the
alley she might say, "I better not get to close to that dog. Maybe I
should find another way."  On the balcony when you get to close to the
gard Lara will sush the player, and explain how to use stealth mode to
sneek upon the gard and knock him out. She explains how to peak around
corners and so on. Basically, it doesn't stop you from screwing up,
but will give you helpful hints and advice how to do it without
getting into much trouble. You see how that works?

On 5/12/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Well tom, it depends upon how extensive you want this option to be.
> a training mode as in shades where the monsters don't move which finishes
> after the first level,. seems a different idea from say having certain help
> features and difficulty level tweaks in the main game, sinse obviously you
> couldn't be allowd to play through the entire game with unmoving monsters
> and obviously announced traps.
> I do like the idea of beginner or easy having changes in gameplay though as
> I said, sinse mastering the game without those changes provides extra
> challenge at higher levels.
> so for instance on beginner you could get double amo pick up from packs (not
> unlimited that'd be a cheat, just more plentiful amo so you can work out
> weapon range), announcements of all traps and gaps, and infinite burning
> torches.
> On easy, you go back to normal amounts of amo and normal torch use, but keep
> the trap warnings.
> Intermediate you lose the trap warnings accept for firepits.
> Expert you get no warnings and need to do everything by sound.
> a setup something like that would hopefully have the desired effect, and
> insure that there was a range of difficulty levels which players could go
> through progressively.
> Beware the Grue!

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