Hi Folks,
I don't think anyone posted that there is a
Texas Hold Em Tournament Saturday May 15th at the BlindAdrenaline  site.

This one is gonna have a max of ten players per table.
We'll start at 9PM eastern and the cut off will be decided once we see how many enter.
The winner of this one gets $1000000 added to their live hold em account.
And the person that knocks Tresa out of the tournament gets a 100k bounty prize bonus, kind of a queen of the hill thing. When the cut off number is reached, we'll pause until Sunday at 9PM eastern, and the remaining players will pick it up from there.
The blinds will be 15 minutes, to speed things along.
Registration is open now.
I will be closing registration at 8:50 eastern saturday. You can take your seat at any time after that, but the tournament will not start until 9PM, at which time the server will start things automatically. If you are late to take your seat, you will be set to away status, and eventually you will be blinded out. If you show up late, press alt p to change from away status. If you haven't shown up after the first hour of play, you will be removed from the tournament. There will be a new client released saturday afternoon, I'll update this splash page, as well as the list and news page with the update once it is ready.

You can register on this page:
Hold em tournament page
I recommend you create a bookmark there, as this is the same page you will need to return to in order to take your seat once registration is over. Simply click the register button on that page, and your ready to roll As players bust out, the tables will be filtered down by selecting one player from the table with the most players to be moved to the table with the least if there is a discrepancy of two or more players between tables. This player will be chosen based on the fact it would be their turn to post the large blind next, and they will be moved to the button on the new table, this is to offset the penalty of having to play with all new players. Once moved, the player will be able to watch one hand without playing to get a feel for who else is at the table. If all that sounds confusing, don't worry, just know that it will all be handled automatically, and everyone will be notified by the system what is going on. When a player busts out, they will be automatically moved to the observation room. Also, if you'd rather watch than play, you can drop by and go to any of the listen links on any of the tables to listen in after the action starts, just make sure you have new update. I am trying to base this system off the way the world series of poker is run, which has proven to be a poker model that has stood the test of time. This is a new concept for blind card playing, and will allow us to have quite large tournaments soon for real money for charities, special promotions etc. Your participation is appreciated, as we'd like to get as many folks in this one as we can, as well as the following tests this week. Please posts any comments, questions or suggestions to the hold em list, which can be subscribed to from the bottom of the hold em instructions page if you aren't already subscribed.


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