Hi Dark,
Everyone I know has problems with Monkey Business because of the poor
navigation aids. I don't exactly have an easy time of it either, but
have learned enough of it to get around after some painful trial and
error. Thing is Monkey Business is a poor example of an accessible FPS
type game. Something like Shades of Doom is a more accessible example
of a really good FPS type game, and in fact my Genesis Engine will
have many of the same navigation aids as Shades of Doom and Sarah as
that seams to be what works for most people. Only mine will have a 3d
aspect to it rather than  a 2d aspect.
One thing I have learned from Monkey Business is always give a
customer a demo version to try before they buy.  I think if I would
have played a demo of it before hand I would not have purchased it
either. However, I haven't regretted the purchase just felt it could
have been done a whole lot better.

On 5/23/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> I must confess Monkey business is a rare example of a game I slightly regret
> buying, in fact had there been a demo I don't know if I would given how
> profoundly terrible I am with the game due to my problem conceptualizing
> spaces and the emprecise nature of the 3D navigation.
> That being said though, I certainly don't think Draconis should
> automatically release their stuff as freeware, in fact arguing that a
> company should basically give their work away just because it doesn't seem
> as good as some later work seems rather wrong, - sinse by that logic it
> would be fairly hard for anyone to make any money producing games.
> In cases like Dan Z games, the products are released not as freeware, but
> abandonware, ie, the company no longer supports them. There will be no
> efforts made to make them compatible, and should they cause chickens to fly
> out of your harddrive of your computer to turn into a giant mushroom,  ----
> the company aren't responsable, what you've been smoking would probably be
> responssable in that case ;D.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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