Hi Dark,
Yes, most of the Draconis gtitles were written by James North when the
company was still ESP. Specifically, Monkey Business, ESP Pinball
Classic, DynaMan, ESP Whoopass, and Aliens in the Outback. James
started ESP Pinball Extreme too, but Josh finished and released that
game himself when they became Adora Entertainment. Ten Pin Alley and
Soundoku were Josh's original creations. So comparatively speaking
Draconis and Adora haven't produced as much as they did when the
company was ESP with James north developing the games. However, I know
Josh is working on a new cross-platform engine for Mac/Windows so here
is hoping for more games in the future.
As far as the old PCS titles goes I seam to recall having to use Jaws
for Dos and a hardware synth to play them. I haven't honestly tried
one under Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7. Although, given the design
I doubt they would work. They were based on a totally different
generation of hardware and for Dos, and dependencies would be
different. Phil could tell you more about how they work on a modern
operating system.
As for your views about Jim's games I had the very same attitude when
coming to this community in 99. I had been sighted for several years
so I had litterally played everything I could get my hands on from the
clasic Pong for Atari all the way up to the latest and greatest games
like Doom, Quake, Tomb Raider, Jedi Knight, Mech Warrior, Soldier of
Fortune, whatever. So I came to the audio games community with some
really high expectations assuming that blind gamers wanted to play the
same kinds of bleeding edge games I liked playing, and believe me when
I found out all there were is board and card type games I was
disappointed. My expectations were so high that I considered what
people like what Kitchens Inc and PCS Games were doing as drastically
infurior to what was available for the mainstream gamer at the time.
It wasn't so much I didn't like the games, but thought they were old
hat and behind the times so to speak.
I guess to put it bluntly for me going from the latest and greatest 3d
FPS titles of the era to text adventures, card and board games, etc
was a major down grade. It wasn't until GMA released Shades of Doom in
2001 that I really began to take more notice of the audio games
community in general. I realized that it was possible to create games
that I liked in an accessible type format, and that somebody out there
did share my interests in games after all. David Greenwood really has
been a leader in accessible games for the fact he introduced the first
World War II submarine simulation, the first tank simulation, and a
remarkably good version of Doom for the accessible games community.
Now, he has Time of Conflict. All have been revolutionary in there own
way as they broke the mode of the card, board, and Atari shoot-mups
that seam to be the majority of accessible games. Game's like those
GMA have produced were realy were what I was after in 99, and I'm glad
to see others are beginning to take up the cause now too. Phil put out
Sarah, as you know, and there is Teraformers, etc. So it is coming,
but slowly.
However, like you I have had to go through  a major shift in thinking
to take each and every game on its own maret, and each and every
developer as well. In 99 I thought text only interactive fiction games
were beneath me, but once I began exploring them I found out I loved
them. Admitedly I'm not a big fan of card and board games, but I've
still had plenty of hours of fun playing Jim Kitchen's games once I
finally started playing them.  All things being equal I still miss the
big FPS type games of the 90's I was playing, but I've managed to give
credit where it is do, and try not to compare every single accessible
game to big comercial budget games that they were never intended to
compete with in the first place. Plus no one here, including me, can
run a race against mainstream companies. We neither have the time or
the money to create really huge mainstream titles, and once I accepted
that fact it became easier to be happier with what we do have,a dn
hope to make bigger and better games in the future.


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