I certainly see the point Tom, ---- though interestingly enough, even though I have enough vision to stil play original packman, i actually prefer packman talks, sinse the sterrio audio is far more immersive, and navigating the maze with only a limited amount of information rather than having the hole thing in front of you I actually think makes for a more interesting and exploratory game.

As to the remakes question, I personally see the value of both.

The ideal for me was Metroid Zero mission on the Gba.

This completely remade original Nes metroid with better graphics, larger areas, the addition of items from Super Metroid such as the speed booster and charge beam, more bosses, save points and a completely different (and very cool), end to the game, where after defeating motherbrane and escaping, Samas ship is shot down and her power sute damaged, so she has to sneak in to a space pirate star cruser, get her sute back from a choso temple, steal a space fighter and fly off.

Very cool, but a million miles from the original.

However, once you finish the game, you actually unlock the complete and original Nes Metroid game, faithfully emulated which can then be played (fantastic for me sinse I'd never played Nes metroid before this).

This for me is the ideal. Remakes that enhance stuff, pluss having originals there both for nostalgia, and to see their original chalm.

Obviously, this isn'tpossible in a complete audio remake of a game, --- sinse even if you could have the original there to be played, it wouldn't be accessible anyway.

however, I do rather like the principle here of trying to preserve what's best in the original, while adding some new stuff to make it more acceptable to today's audience.

Two great examples of this are esp pinball xtreme, ---- cclassic pinball, pluss minigames and great sounds, and light cars, which even features two separate modes.

I actually thought after all the wranglement, Monti hit the balance fairly well in the end.

Beware the Grue!


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