Hi Josh,
Yeah, I've heard you say that we need to change the law about three or
four times on this thread already, but you haven't yet come up with a
way to exactly do that. Getting laws passed isn't as easy as showing
up at the Capital building in Washington DC and asking Congress to
create a new law for you. It usually requires a lot of time and money
and a lobbiest to bring your case before the House of Representatives
and the Senate.  Either that or you have to try it in court and take
the case all the way upt to the Supreme Court which will make a
constitutional ruling on the matter. In either case it could take you
years just to have your case heard by someone in a position to do
something about it. So I'm eager to hear your ideas how to do this.
As for finding partners to write games I'll freely admit I'm generally
not the partner type. I've spent several years on my own, doing things
my own way, and I'd say it would be hard for me to work together as a
team with someone else. Especially, if the game happens to be my idea
and I want to do it one way and he/she wants to do it another. Fact of
the matter is I program these games for my own interests, my own
enjoyment, and I don't especially want someone else messing around
with my code and changing things I want done my way. That sounds
selfish, I know, but cooperation is key to any kind of teamwork.
That is not even considering how you will split the money between you.
Let's say you make $5,000 on a game. If you have five team members
split five ways it is $1,000 a piece. That's okay, I guess, but I'd
rather have the full $5,000 myself if it was my idea and I did most of
the work creating it. If nothing else the money would have to be split
based on the amount of work done by each member, and is editing sound
effects worth as much as the guy spending the time programming the


On 5/28/10, Josh <jkenn...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> Here  is what I think the problem is.
> First, game developers on this list should decide on starting a company,
> not just one person, but maybe 4 or 5 people, or more.
> 2. persons involved in the game company should decide on a standard
> programming language because if you each choose a language, it won't work.
> 3. once decided upon, stick to that language, each person should be
> assigned a task. for starters you may set up a website with a free game
> or two, asking for donations to your company.
> 4. two people may work on writing game engines, another may work on just
> getting sound effects, another or maybe all of them work on game plots.
> 5. with more than one programmer say 4 or 5 people working together on
> games, the games will be great, and take less time to create.
> 6. If you doo make a really cool game, then you could probably charge
> more for it. but then there's the issue of copyright.
> Hmmm lets back up here a minute. maybe before we really have the liberty
> to make games for the blind, we gotta hammer the nfb and ACB to change
> the video game law so it states.
> any sounds, graphics, and music characters and storyLines which exist in
> video games for sighted people, may be coppied and redistributed, as
> long as the game is in a specialized format for people with
> disabilities. in other words lets do what we do with games, like we
> already do withh books. books in braille and audio nls books and daisy
> are specialised formats for blind people. so lets apply that to video
> games. lets change the law so that we can make games using sounds music,
> characters stories from the original game company's game, but since the
> game is in a specialised format for disabled folks, it therefore is
> legal to use said sounds music stories and characters in the audio game.
> since essentially an audio game is a tye of video game, in a specialised
> format, for folks with disabilities, so they can enjoy games as well.
> Josh

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