Actually sean, there is no law saying tv must be described, there are just literally 6 rather dedicated people at the audio description office who are keen on what they are doing.

They frequently have to hit film and tv producers over the head, and do ridiculous things like record one description for release in cinema and a different one for dvd release because of copywrite, ---- oh, and then of course the cinemas themselves aren't actually great at putting the audio described versions of the film on sinse they say it will destract others (though sinse you only here the audio description while wearing wireless headphones, ---- I don't know where they get this from).

Beware the grue!

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well at least you guys have it so described tv and movies will work.
in here in nz there is no law to make it so you can get described tv or anything. There was talk about making a subscription service here to kurb piracy of things which I am all for.
THe issue now is you can get movies form the net which i often do.
however no support if something goes bad and the quality is not always there. Imported dvds you buy or borrow are ok but I'd like some digital service especially if you could pull it from a local server or something.

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