Exactly. Not only the games you mentioned but in the early 1980's,
perhaps 1980, or so there was a game called Demon Attack which was
pretty much a knock off version of Space Invaders itself. Basicly, you
had this cannon which you moved left/right trying to shoot down these
demons with wings as they tried to blow you up. It was a highly
adictive game, but the graphics were very poor because they were in
black and white, and it was basicly the same game play as Space
The point is the classic arcade game where you move left/right while
trying to shoot something out of the sky is as old as vidio gaming,
and I for one don't want to see more games of this  style. I lived
through the 80's and saw my share of those games already. However, I
also seen a lot more arcade games that were nothing like Space
Invaders such as side-scrollers, beat-m-ups,  Breakout style of games,
etc. There is a lot more to the classic arcade game than Space
Invaders that's for sure.
As you and I know when the Nintendo came out the side-scrollers like
Megaman really launched a totally new era of gaming.  they were still
arcade type games, but they were a huge departcher from the Space
Invader and Pac-Man era of games. This is where I'd like to see
accessible games go.

On 5/31/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> hmmm, funnily when you said "do they relate to the craft" my first thought
> was to do with wizardry ;D.
> To answer your question though, space invaders clones refers to any game
> based upon the concept of the early 1980's arcade (and later atari), game
> space invaders, in which you have a gun, and must move left or right to
> shoot down descending spaceships before they land and end the game.
> Of course, it doesn't particularly matter accept for aesthetic reasons that
> the enemies are alien spaceships, ---- they may well be copters and planes
> as in judgement day, or a psycho cyborg as in copter man.The point is the
> game mechanic of going left and right and shooting (often while dodging
> enemy fire).
> There have been a number of audio remakes of this game, --- judgement day,
> troopanum, dark destroyer etc, hence the discussion of it.
> imho we really! don't need another game of this type.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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