Hi Dark,
Agreed. If I had managed to release Montezuma's Revenge it would have
been an arcade game too, but it would not be a Space Invaders type
game. Therefore I think there needs to be an identification here
between side-scroller and Space Invader clones of arcade games. In
fact, if you have ever noticed on my web site I have both a genre and
style catagory so I can specifically describe the type of game I'm
For example, on my web site Final Conflict is placed under the
strategy genre and turn-based style of game play. If I had Sound RTS
put up there it also would be listed as strategy, but the style would
be declared as real time based rather than turn based. So the style
and genre descriptions are equally important here.

On 6/4/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Well, it determines how broardly you interpret the word "clone"
> On that basis, we've got no audio space invaders remakes at all, sinse none
> of the ones we have have the same ship formations, have more than a few
> ships in the playing field at the same time, have shields in front of your
> cannon etc.
> However, if you determine it simply as "games where you have a cannon on the
> ground and shoot at descending air born enemies" (which is the reason I've
> used for the space invaders games audiogames.net genre classification), then
> we seem to have a good few actually.
> The eason I created the genre classification in the first place is it struck
> me A, we have so damnably many of these, and B, they needed splitting from
> the actual arcade games genre catagory or half the database would be
> classified as arcade games which would be confusing.
> I do however think it's a valid classification myself if you interpret
> "space invaders games" as a reasonable genre catagorization.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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