Well, before my wife and I moved into our current apartment we had a
spare bed room which we used as a home office. Since I work from home
that really turned out to be a good setup. We had a couple of desks in
there with a couple of desktop PC's in there, book cases,  filing
cabinates, etc. For a while you could say that was the USAGames main
office as well as any other jobs I might be doing at the time such as
contract jobs.
However, after my wife and I moved we ended up living in smaller
acomidations. One of the desktops ended up going out to the living
room where it got turned into a family PC with games, mp3s, audio
books, and similar content. It really is not used for work per say
although I do use it for testing my game releases on since it is the
only PC in the house with XP still on it.  The other desktop a newer
PC with the Intel Pentium 2.8 processor is in our bed room. You could
say that room has been split up into a bed room on one side of the
room and a sort of home office on the other.  That PC has a multiboot
with Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux 10 on it so I can work in either
operating system environment as needed. However, while that use to be
my main PC it really isn't the case any more.
After Esther and I moved we pretty much decided in order to save space
we would begin using laptops more. So in early 2008 we purchased two
new laptops,  which i recently updated to Windows 7, and as a result
my Compaq notebook has become my main computer. So in a very real
sense wherever I go the USAGames office goes with me, because all of
the source code is on that laptop. Most of the time I work on the
games from there and test the games on either one of the desktops
before release. So I think that is the advantage of laptops and a lot
of publicly available wi-fi internet access. You can pretty much take
your office with you regardless where you are at, and running a mostly
web based business from a portable notebook computer is pretty easy.

On 6/7/10, Phil Vlasak <p...@pcsgames.net> wrote:
> Hi Lori,
> Well, I do have an office but it is our spare bedroom with computers and
> desks for me and my wife.
> And the dogs have pillows on the floor as they like to sleep under the desks
> while we are in the room.
> We had two HP vista computers that we got as the last of the 32 bit systems
> were on sale.
> And we have a 500 GB backup USB hard drive that only cost $100.
> I was thinking of offices outside the house where you have to travel to get
> to work.
> Phil

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