Hi Bryan,
Definitely. I have never fully agreed with GMA's decision to use there
current licensing system either, but I do understand where David
Greenwood is coming from. He felt the old system was too week, and it
was far too easy to pirate the GMA software. Unfortunately, the new
system is too restrictive if you don't know how to defeat  the
registration system, and yes I know of some cracks out there to break
the registration system for the GMA Games. So in the end what did
switching to the new registration system really accomplish. Not really
much. Black hatters will always, always, always find out how to defeat
your security system leaving the developer wondering why his/her great
security system failed. Meanwhile those of us who paid for the
software, did things the legal way, have to put up with more and more
restrictive licenses that  makes it harder to install a game on more
than one computer or install it on a new one when we get rid of our
old one.

On 6/18/10, Bryan Peterson <bpeterson2...@cableone.net> wrote:
> I couldn't agree more. I recently had my laptop's hard drive go out on me
> and therefore it had to be replaced, though thankfully it was still well
> within the warranty I purchased along with the machine a year ago. It also
> helped that my dad had created system restore CD's the instant the laptop
> was configured properly after taking it out of the box. But anyway, at the
> time of the crash I had copies of SOD, GTC, LW and even Sarah on the
> machine. But even though I've managed to reinstall and reregister most games
> i haven't written to request new keys for the GMA titles precisely because
> of this situation. The sad part is that SOD used to be a name and key-based
> system, at least back when I purchased it back in '04. It's fortunate
> because at the time I was using a dinosaur of a computer running WIndows 98
> Second Edition with only 64 MB of ram. Then the machine had a stroke or
> something and died on me, and then I moved out here to Idaho and, since I
> was living with my folks I was using my mom's computer which was even older.
> But fortunately the unlock code I had for SOD was valid, so I was able to
> install it on the new machine. This was still V1.0 as I recall. THen 1.2
> came out and switched to hardware-based registration and every time i've had
> to get a new computer or the computer has crashed I've had to write David.
> I'm just glad he's thus far been willing to replace keys, but it just proves
> the point that if people would stick to name-based keys this probably
> wouldn't happen so much and the developer could focus on the really
> important stuff.
> We are the Knights who say...Ni!

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