Hi list.  I have a few questions regarding the realistic possibilities of 
incorporating accessibility within a graphical game...and I'm  hoping some list 
members would be able to offer their advice.  I have a sighted programmer 
friend who has taken an interest in how I would go about playing a game...and 
we got onto the subject of how accessibility could be built into a visual game.

Anyway, if anyone could answer some basic questions below, I'd really 
appreciate it, as this would firstly clear up "non possible" avenues and 
secondly, give us the possible avenues to play with.  At this point, can I just 
say, if it is possible to do this, a very simple graphical game would be on the 
table for an experiment, probably self voicing and web-based, but could be 
client based.

1. What is the best combination for accessibility within a visual environment. 
E.g, Java (graphics) and self-voicing? Flash (graphics) and self-voicing? Java 
(graphics) and a client TTS based program? etc...
2. Would 1 approach be more difficult than another? E.g, screenreader over 
3. Are there any examples of such a graphical game which offer a good gaming 
experience to both the blind and sighted, which incorporate audio accessibility?

Hopefully you understand what I'm asking.  In a nutshell, the blind have no 
need for graphics and the sighted need graphics, so I'm guessing there hasn't 
been a great need to marry the two...but is it possible and what road would we 
go down to make it possible.
Many thanks, have a great day, cheers Steve.

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