Hi Hayden,

Ok, so I basically have 2 Email addresses.  If I sent to the list from them, in 
my Email program they would look like

From: "Jim Kitchen" <j...@kitchensinc.net>
From: "Jim Kitchen" <jimkitc...@windstream.com>

So my Babble report sorter program would see those as two different posters.  
And that is why people posting to the list from multiple Email addresses have 
multiple listings.  And that is also why the spoof message showed up 
differently.  The Email addresses and or person's name were not exactly correct 
as I recall.


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Hi Muhammed,
Hmmm...bizarre. I'd think if he had your email address, it would put that
with your other 194 messages.

Best Regards,

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I could remember something. Once, when the spoofing thing happened, it showed me as 194 messages but how ever, that was the true one. And when I was still reading the report, I stumbeled on 1 message from Muhammed Deniz and that was the spoofing one.
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