On Jul 27, 2010, at 8:14 PM, Thomas Ward wrote:

Hi travis,
Hmmm...That's what I was afraid of. Back during the winter when I was
thinking about a cross-platform engine I tried both SFML and SDL
extensively and was able to do what you did witht the sound objects by
using the sf::Sound::SetBuffer() function to reassign buffers. As you
pointed out it solves the problem of reassigning a sound object to a
new sound buffer, but it waistes a lot of memory in the process. Even
worse this kind of creating a buffer without the ability to destroy it
when you are done with it can lead to a major memory leak in your

I just asked on the sfml forums, and I'm guessing the developer of sfml doesn't 
use english as his first language, (though he does speak it quite well) my 
first attempt met with confusion, pointing me to the sounds instead of their 
buffers.  Further clarification lead to the answer you wanted.
Apparently, you can clear a buffer (if you want to use it later) simply by 
assigning it an empty resource.
buffer = SoundBuffer();
This will reassign the buffer to null, thereby allowing the memory to be used 
for other things.
If you allocate the buffer using new, you could also free it (permanently) by 
using delete.
I didn't set mine up that way in the chopper patrol port, so teh new/delete 
wouldn't work, but the reassigning buffers to empty values does seem to do the 
trick though.
Hope this helps.

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