Hello folks.
I've taken the chopper patrol game from bscgames
and ported it to C++.
It uses the sfml libraries, and since they exist for linux, mac osx, and 
windows, I think
this probably qualifies as the first truly cross-platform accessible game for 
the blind
not written in java or python, or some other scripting type language.
You can find both the intel-based mac binary as well as the source (with lots 
of comments) at:
I certainly hope other developers will take a look, and realize how simple it 
is to write
cross-platform games.
And, it took no additional effort to make it so, so no additional development 
time as is often the complaint.
Enjoy, and of course, feel free to contact me if anyone has additional 
The osx binary that is included may or may not work on your system, it depends 
on where your sfml libs are.
I made no attempt to make it work on other systems, except my own, but I will 
put up an mp3 of the game being played later on, so folks can see how it plays.
Let me state that I've never played the original version of the game for 
windows, so this port is strictly based on the readme.txt file and the vb 
source code.
All of which is explained in the comments of the program.
(yes, the C++ source is included)
I'm not great at formatting code, so it's probably not up to most folks 
standards of pretty code, but it works, so there you go
It could use improvements in a couple places too, but this was more a proof of 
concept than anything else, so
I suppose the code will have to speak for itself, bad coding practices and all.
The primary intent of this port was to prove it's not hard (in fact, rather 
easy) to write cross-platform games with nothing but sfml and a c++ compiler.
I do not have access to a linux box, so haven't tested it on that platform, and
my windows machines don't have compilers on them at the moment, so that's not 
tested either, but sfml code *should* compile with few (if any) changes on the 
other platforms.
Again, enjoy, and I hope this kicks off a great many cross-platform games for 
us all.

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