Hi Dark,
Right. In fact, in the latest build of the Genisis Engine I have added
SAPI 5.x support. I haven't yet converted MOTA over to SAPI but like
you I believe buying high  quality voices such as the AT&T Natural
Voices, Cepstral Voices, etc is a bit like buying a joystick. It is a
game accessory and the advantages of using SAPI directly is really the
best way to go for Windows games. I've found when testing the C++
version of the Genesis Engine with SAPI support that its more
responsive than using wav files, you can adjust the voice to your
preference, interrupt speech, etc so the advantages out way the
disadvantages here. Since SAPI  is really the best choice directly
supporting something like Jaws is unnecessary to begin with.


On 8/7/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Games rarely support hal anyway in a self voicing sense, though it is good
> with programs like smugglers with unusual interfaces.
> To be honest though, when games are on windows, i really don't see what
> wrong with sapi, especially sinse for any serious gamer getting a good sapi
> voice is a bit like getting a joystick.
> That's why I'm very happy to use sSapi in Gma's titles, jim's games, the
> spoonbill stuff, ---- and now, 7-128 software (where It will be a real
> improvement).
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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