Hi Kevin,
Well, I don't know for certain what the developers did, but I have
enough background knowledge of the problem to make an educated guess
as to why Jaws locks up whenever you play a game that uses DirectX. I
remember several years ago when I was writing Jaws scripts all of the
keyboard commands, even those not directly associated with Jaws,
seamed to be wrapped by Jaws. In other words I think what they did is
write some sort of keyboard and mouse intercept that captures any
input events and routes them through Jaws before sending them on to
Windows or the currently active application. In this way Jaws would
have exclusive control over the keyboard not allowing anything through
until it is processed by the screen reader. Now, you start up your
favorite game and it happens to use DirectInput. The way DirectInput
works is it tries to gain direct access to the keyboard, mouse, and
any joysticks on the system. The result is pretty predictable. Jaws
wants complete control of the keyboard and DirectX wants control of
the keyboard. This will end up in a deadlock because neither one is
able to gain direct control of the keyboard. A screen reader like NVDA
doesn't have this problem because it simply monitors standard Windows
event messages and acts upon them accordingly while not trying to have
exclusive control of the keyboard, mouse, or anything else. Make


On 8/7/10, weis...@googlemail.com <weis...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> OH, and something else to mention. Why on earth does jaws lock the arrow
> keys! I mean no! And I do say no, other screen reader does that, as far
> as I know. They always are passed through to the application. Maybe not
> how they are supposed to be, but they are anyway, so they still work.
> Maybe not as fast, but they work. Jaws locks them completely. And, if one
> script is broken, almost nothing works. Includinng the keyboard, so you
> cannot even close it. Your only option is someone sighted, or the reset /
> power button on your computer.
> But before I even continue rambling on about jaws, I better stop here.
> Otherwise I just tell stuff that people already know. Heh
> Kevin

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