hello all. I would like to share a game which I purchased for the
iPhone. It's called Moxie and is very fun. Basically it's a word
building game, similar to scrabble, but you play it by yourself. There
are 3 rows of squares going from left to right. Each row has 5 squares.
1 letter shows up and you have to decide on which square to place that
letter. So for example, if the letter E shows up, I might place it in
row 1, square 4 in case I can come up with a four-letter word ending
with E. Then the letter B comes up, now I place it on row 1, square 1,
Now I have B, blank, blank, E. So if I later get an I and a K, I can
make the word BIKE. You do the same for the other rows. Once you have
made a word, you get points. As you get additional letters, you can
replace them over words you've done as long as you don't break the
chain. So in the case of BIKE, I might have a letter of H which i place
over the B making the word HIKE. And that would also give me additional

If you do a search for the keywords iPhone and Moxie on Google, you can
get to their site and read up more on it. As of yesterday and today, the
game is free. I also went ahead and purchased Moxie 2 and it's just as
fun. The game author is great about responding to emails and the game is
fully accessible using Voice Over.

Many thanks.

Raul A. Gallegos
Home page: http://www.RaulGallegos.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ragallegos

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