Hi Mike,
Well, weather or not you like installing applications using
commandline tools like dpkg and apt-get that's a fact of life when it
comes to installing Linux software unless you use a graphical tool
such as the Ubuntu Software Center. So even if you use the unzip
method I mentioned in my initial message you'll still be responcible
for installing or updating various dependencies such as OpenAL, SFML,
OpenGL, libfreetype6, etc the same way you normally would.I know for a
fact Vinux 3.0 doesn't come with libsfml 1.6 so that still would have
to be installed prier to unpacking and running of my games. Plus if we
decide to scrap the idea of using a package manager like dpkg and
forego a shell script to install everything you'll manually have to
create your own launchers/icons for the gnome panel, panel menu,
desktop, etc. Its really a barebones install method as far as I am
concerned. That's ok, I guess, since most Linux users I know have been
Linux users for ages and are quite comfortable  with manually doing
things on their own including recompiling and installing software from
scratch. I just thought it might be easier to have an all-in-one setup
package that would do all this stuff for you.
Anyway, I'll see what everyone has to say on this subject before I
decide. I'm hoping to have a release ready by Friday so we have a few
days to decide on an installation method, and for me to update the
User's Guide with the new instructions.


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