Hi Mike,
Unfortunately, no. The purpose of creating an official Debian package
for Debian, Ubuntu, and Vinux distributions  is so it will properly
install the files where they go, add icons to your desktop and panel
menus,and detect missing dependencies. There are graphical ways to
install a deb package from within Gnome itself, but typically those
aren't as accessible as  using the terminal.
So the way you would install mota is to open up gnome-terminal and cd
to your Downloads directory. Then, you would type a command like this
sudo dpkg -i mota-0.14.0-i386.deb
 and it would try to install it. However, if you were missing the SFML
libraries it depends on you would get an error like this.
"Error: libsfml-audio is required by mota-0.14.0
Error: libsfml-graphics is required by mota-0.14.0
Error: libsfml-network is required by mota-0.14.0
Error: libsfml-system is required by mota-0.14.0
Error: libsfml-window is required by mota-0.14.0
Please, use apt-get to install these packages."
However, one issue I'm dealing with here is that Ubuntu andVinux seam
to be missing these packages in the Ubuntu package repositories. That
means you either have to add Debians package repositories to apt-get
or I can roll my own packages. The third alternative, perhaps the best
one, is simply skip a Debian package altogether and use a custom
installer to install everything including  libsfml automatically.


On 9/27/10, Mike Reiser <blindgu...@gmail.com> wrote:
>   So Tom,
> Does this mean that with a .deb file we can enter on it like we do a
> .exe file and it will install?
> Mike

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