Hi Shaun,
Um...I think you are missing the point here. Why exactly would I want
to create a third-party program that attempts to detect system
requirements when most Linux distributions have such a program
On Ubuntu, Debian, Vinux, etc it is called apt-get. On Fedora Linux it
is called yum. In any case if I made a *.deb package and did something
sudo apt-get install mota-0.14.-i386.deb
apt-get would check what packages were required and install those
automatically for you. Which is precisely why I mentioned creating a
Linux package in the first place using dpkg. Tools like apt-get do all
the work of dectecting requirements and installs them if they are
missing. There is no need to reinvent the wheel here.
If I make a tarball such as a *.tar.gz file all I am doing is creating
a tarball of the games files without any setup ability unless, of
course, I write my own installer using a bash shell script or write a
custom setup program in C/C++.  So if I do create a tarball, as you
suggest, I figure people will just extract the files to somewhere in
their home directory and run it from there. That certainly works and i
don't have a problem with that on principle. You just don't get the
advantage of using apt-get or yum to make sure your system has all the
system requirements is all.
However, I suppose given the fact that there are some VI users running
Fedora, Suse, etc I would be safest with a custom installer of some
kind. The Cepstral voices and the Dectalk Software are both installed
using a generic bash shell script you execute from the commandline. I
suppose I can base my install off one of those.


On 9/26/10, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> well I am not a linux user but have had experience.
> if you get a tar.gz file and have that install everything though you
> need to unpack it.
> Having a zip with the game is probably ok.
> then when you run the game for the first time, it will check and grab
> and install what you need or you could have an install program which
> you would run to install everything after you unzipped the archive.

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