Hi Peter,
Well, if you havent' had much experience with Unix based operating
systems in general I can certainly see how you might be confused. The
most commonly used shell, Bash, is quite a lot different from Dos as
there is a completely different set of shell commands. For example, in
Dos dir gives you a list of files in a directory, but in a Linux shell
environment you use the list source command ls to do the same thing.
If you want to delete a file in Dos you type del filename, but in
Linux it is rm filename. So unless you have actually read a book on
Bash shell commands which are used by Linux, Mac OS, FreeBSD, etc
there is lots of room for confusion in terms of the shell environment.
However, the graphical user interface, Gnome, is quite a lot like
Windows complete with buttons, listviews, checkboxes, and all the rest
of it. In fact, it is close enough to Windows I recently installed
Ubuntu 10 on my wife's computer and she has been using Linux for a
month without any prier experience with Linux before without any
problems. So the graphical environment is fairly intuitive for Windows
users I'd say. My wife hasn't had any serious complaints with Linux in
terms of the Gnome applications. It is just the commandline stuff she
has any real trouble with. Fortunately, though, these days there isn't
a lot of need to use the shell directly.


On 9/27/10, peter Mahach <piterm...@gmail.com> wrote:
> yeah, most linux users I know use that. ok, every linux user I know uses
> that, actually.
> I don't use linux my self, just tried it in a vm once or twice, but found my
> self thinking it was confusing.
> What's weird is that I could wrap my head around dos. I use them command
> prompt a lot, I even wrote a batch script to use the command line version of
> 7zip to extract all sounds at once from my i Tunes app library.

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