Hi Shaun,
Actually, the audio issues you are describing aren't bugs at all.
That's just the way OpenAL processes audio output. As you pointed out
the sounds aren't being panned but are being processed through
OpenAL's 3d listener interface. Said reason I'm doing that is OpenAL
does not have a simple pan control like DirectSound has and all sounds
 have to be processed via 3d positioning weather you want to or not.
Which explains why the sounds are low. In the previous versions I
could control the volume of the sounds with the DirectSound
SetVolume() function. Well, with OpenAL if you use SetPosition() to
control positioning it uses its own internal calculations to control
the volume using 3d calculations which is overkill for this kind of
game. In short, this isn't my fault, but just the way OpenAL is.
  As for sounds being in mono instead of stereo again this is do to
OpenAL. In order to process a sound using the 3d listener interface
the sound has to be in mono not stereo. If the sound is going to be a
static sound, and then it can be in stereo, but those that will be
processed in 3d have to be mono. So that's why that is.


On 10/1/10, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi.
> checked the changelog of beta 14 and its october 1.
> Though there is evedence its not done by a long way.
> everything was switched to mono on my laptop and although keys
> worked, there was no panning and monsters and pits could not be heard
> till real close.
> Sounds sounded off centre.
> Looks like things are in sfml.
> one thing to note is that the imput code is real fast I used to have
> to hold down esc a long time to exit view but in this version you
> really have to be fast else you will hit something you don't want to hit.
> definately though this game is probably not ready yet.
> though it was supposed to be released today unless it was not
> supposed to be uploaded at all.

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