Don't know if I posted this before. tatsunoko vs. capcom is sort f like marvel 
vs. capcom, but it's with a japanese anime studio, rather than an american 
commic book company. This is the japanese version of the game for the wii, 
which is cool because the character themes switch in and out... but in the 
north american version this is cut out in place for stage music. I finaly 
managed to get my wii to record to my computer. took ages to move it, but t's 
done now. Enjoy. Questions, coments... etc. Soki, for al who don't know, is the 
main protagonist in a game caled Onimusha: dawn of dreams, which is the forth n 
a series of survival-horror type games made by capcom. Batsu s from a fighting 
game called Rival schools, an old game for the ps1... but that was a good game 
too. Loved it.
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