Forogt the link? lol
Yeah I had some fun with rival school heh, love the teacher with the cane!
Right now I'm re-visiting Marvel Superheroes verses Street Fighter. It's again old but loads of fun- cept I still can't handle Shin Akuma when I get to him rofl. It's mostly his teleprot that jacks me up- not sure about the new capcom games, but back when these came out, this game has no sound telling you if a character is dashing/backing up at all- thus it's actually real tough to guess which side you're on and react acordingly when your enemy keeps switching sides. I think this is why SNK won me over from early on- even way back with Samurai Showdown 1 in the mid 90s they started using different sounds for dashing, backing up, jump/super jump, etc.

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