I have a question. Well, my question is, well in fact 2, let me just get to the 
point, how do you no which code to put in a game? For an example, maybe I might 
not do this, well I don't think I would, but I would do a test game. Well, this 
is what I am thinking of. This computer tells your enemy, a sooper fighter some 
private information. Well, you here about it, then you get extremely angry, and 
you punch the computer as hard as you could, smashing the computer, while jaws 
shouts, "No, please don't, I have a long life, please don't," And when the 
computer is blown in the storyline, it screams in pain. Well, you think that 
you might destroy your enemy. Well, you get out your gun, and you go in your 
car, and you drive towards the man's office. You get out, and you go towards 
the door, and you push the door open and you get in. Basically, you are in a 
big hall, and the man comes down from the staircase, and when he comes down, 
you punch him with a good jab, cross, hook, uppercut, or a haymaker, and he 
falls. Use the tab key to select which punch, and the space bar to fire that 
punch, and the number one and two to select your weapons. Gun or fists. Well, 
the man falls, and you shout, stupid man, and you punch him as hard as you 
could. Well, after 10 punches, he jumps to his feet, and he shouts, "You'll 
pay, and lets see who's strong!" You get your gun out, and you square up next 
to your sooper enemy. In the game, you have to fire bullets at him, and if your 
hit, you lose 10 percent of health. You use the up arrow key and which ever key 
you want to use to jump over to the other side, and the you use the left and 
right arrow keys to walk. If your bullets finish, because you are trigger 
happy, you have to wait until his bullets finish, and the same one for him. 
Well, once the bullets are finished, you and the super man have to fight by 
fists. In this little action seen, the keystrokes are different. Use left or 
right to slip, that means turn your body, but not much, and your up arro key to 
block forwards, also your down arro key to duck a hook, we call it wrole, and 
your enter key to block from upwards. Well, the computer will say, enemy what 
ever hit. For an example, enemy jab! You could slip or leen, but as your 
fighting to kill, the head is the main part in the game. What ever derection 
the computer says it from, you have to do that derection. For an example, if it 
says it from the right, you quickly have to slip towards the left, and real 
quick, you'll have about five seconds. When you press the space bar key, it 
will fire the 5 main punches in boxing, but I'll do sounds for that, and the 
enemy could also dodge your moves, so watch out for super fighter! Well, after 
you finish the fight, he blows up, and he vanishes, and you are extremely 
happy, and you have acheeved what you want to do. Well, if you finish him with 
your gun, then good job! I am asking, how could I code all of that, and how do 
you no which code to use. 
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