Hi Thomas,

I never had a Dectalk.  My first hardware synthesizer was an Accent SA.  It was 
the most responsive dos speech synthesizer.  Also the most mechanical sounding. 
 I also had a Double Talk internal (PCI) synthesizer.  The Accent SA plugged 
into a serial port.  It is not as responsive when I tried to run it with JFW 
4.02.  The Triple Talk has the same sound chip as the Double Talk, but it is an 
external synthesizer like the Accent SA.  It came with a serial cord, but also 
a USB cord, so I am using it USB.

Of course a hardware synthesizer uses far far less system resources.  It also 
gives speech independently of the sound card, sound drivers, Windows sound 
system etc.  And as you said, it isn't talking through the sound card so 
doesn't get in the way of recording.

However I do have to say that I love the way more human sounding sapi5 voices.  
Especially the female ones.


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Hi Jim,
Grin. I guess that does make you a dinosaur. Lol!
Seriously though I often miss my Dectalk Express, and am a bit
dismayed screen readers are so absolutely focused on software synths
myself. There are certainly advantages to using a hardware synth Such
as sound editing, sound recording, etc alone where you don't want
Eloquence and so on being recorded in the background.  Once upon a
time before Speakup started using software synths like Espeak you
could boot Linux and have all the startup prompts and shutdown prompts
read for you. With a software synth the OS has to be fully loaded
before you can get speech output. Kind of a step backwards in my

On 11/3/10, Jim Kitchen <j...@kitchensinc.net> wrote:
Hi Thomas,

Guess I'm a dinosaur as I would not be without my Triple Talk USB hardware
synthesizer on my game development computer.  Not for human speech quality,
but in other ways it is so much better than Eloquence.



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No I am not talking to myself again, I am talking to the voices.

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